Montreal Is Going To Get Warm Starting Tomorrow

If you can get through today, you'll be okay.
Montreal Is Going To Get Warm Starting Tomorrow

Photo cred - JoKodak

When I walked out of my house this morning, I didn't even bother checking the temperature. For some reason, I just figured we were passed all this deep freeze crap. Then I got outside and like a slap in the face, winter reminded me it wasn't going away just yet. One more day, just one more day.

Today's we'll be experiencing ball shriveling temperatures all day. According to the weather network It's going to be -16ºC but it will feel like -26ºC. Tomorrow we'll be fine, since after a day like today -1ºC will feel like beach weather. As for the rest of the week we'll be dealing with 5ºC degrees on Wednesday and 7ºC on Thursday.

Photo cred - theweathernetwork

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