Montreal Is Going To Hit Double Digit Temperatures This Week

Goodbye winter!
Montreal Is Going To Hit Double Digit Temperatures This Week

You always hear people talking about how the weather are "bad", but in Montreal that's not the case. Bad isn't harsh enough of a word. Here the weather is straight up evil, deceptive, and treacherous.

Over the weekend we were supposed to get a few flurries and some rain, but instead we got hit with a sudden 20cm snowstorm!

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Luckily for us our suffering will soon be over because we have a pretty amazing forecast in store for you.

Things are finally going to start warming up this week. We're expecting temperatures of up to 3°C on Wednesday and a high of 7°C on Thursday.

Then on Friday, according to Accuweather, Montreal will be getting double digit temperatures!

Via accuweather

There may a bit of rain to put up with, but it's highly doubtful that anyone will care much since it will be 10°C outside. Plus that also means that all those disgusting, dirt covered ice chunks covering the edge of every street and sidewalk will (hopefully)  finally melt away.

Of course this is Montreal, so as far as we know we could be getting a blizzard on Friday or perhaps a Sharknado.

All we know for sure is that the melting snow combined with the rain is sure to make for some interesting commutes for both drivers and pedestrians.