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Montreal Is Going To Host A Massive "No-Pants Party"

Pants only hold you back anyway.
Montreal Is Going To Host A Massive "No-Pants Party"

Pants are an impediment to a good time, and I don't mean  just in sexy scenarios. Shorts are slightly better (even more if they're short-shorts), but in truth, any form of lower body attire that goes over your undies is simply a fabric-based obstruction to dancing freely and being able to showcase your solid thigh-and-calf game.

But so-called "trousers" are unfortunately a prerequisite at most (every) party, venue, or club, making high kicks and general gyrations pretty hard (or at least harder) to pull off. But for one magical evening in Montreal, all that changes, for the only event that actually asks you to take off your pants as soon as you enter.

That's right, No Pants No Problem, the Montreal party where you don't need to wear pants, is back and the in-your-underwear party is here to free your lower body from all restrictions.

Launched in 2004, No Pants No Problem (NPNP) is an event devoted to deconstructing silly social constructs, gender binaries, and all forms of sexual repression through the power of simple self-expression. At NPNP, you're welcome to get as silly and weird as you want, without any judgement, without pants to boot.

Adding to the allure of a party where everyone is pant-less is the "Best Kisser of Spring 2016" contest that'll be going down at the event. Party-goers will be able to duke it out with their lips for the title of "best kisser," a competition where you win even if you lose, because who doesn't love a good smooch?

You can also expect a few special performances at NPNP, with Montreal-based performance group Glam Gam Productions! set to take the stage, along with plenty of dancing. In your underwear, of course.

Open to all, NPNP is definitely welcoming of every type of party-goer, but keep in mind that this is meant to be a queer event that sustains a safe space. So when you leave your pants at home, leave any prejudices you might have too.

Montreal's No Pants No Problem party is going down May 5 at Bar Le Ritz PDB. For more info, head to the official Facebook event page here.

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