Montreal Is Having A Huge "Mini Cactus & Succulent Sale" This Weekend

I know there's a lot of cactus lovers in Montreal, so I know how exciting this news is. They're just so keep it's almost impossible not to love them. Not to mention they make your apartment look adorable!

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All you cactus lovers listen up: there's a huge mini cactus and succulent sale happening this weekend right here in Montreal! 

via @fairyblooms

This sale is taking place at Electrik Kopper Tattoo tomorrow July 28th and Saturday July 29th! This event run from 9am-7pm both days. 

In addition to this huge cactus sale, this tattoo shop is hold a flash tattoo sale! They'll be offering tattoos for just $80 on these two days. 

via @cactusenligne

So, if you're waiting for your tattoo you can browse the rows of adorable cacti. Or if you came for the cacti, maybe you'll be inspired to get a tattoo of your new spiky friend! 

via @fairyblooms

via @fairyblooms

Check out their Facebook event for more information!