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Montreal Is Having A Huge Watergun Fight At Parc Lafontaine This Summer

Flash mobs are great but being part of one requires a lot of work. After all, nothing spells spontaneity like attending dozens of rehearsals to prepare for an impromptu dance number. Well, now you can be part of the coolest flash mob in Montreal without having to prepare a fancy dance. I say "coolest" because this flash-mob will be all about cooling off on a hot day by getting into the city's biggest watergun fight.

On July 4th at 12:00pm watergun enthusiasts and anyone looking to get wet will be gathering for Montreal Watergun Fight 2015 at Parc Lafontaine to soak the living shit out of each other. And for those of you thinking you're too cool for a water gun fight, perhaps you've forgotten how cool waterguns really are.

Check out the Montreal Watergun Fight 2015 event HERE!!!

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