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Montreal Is Having A "Polish Street-Food Festival" That Will Satisfy Your Pierogi Cravings

Food, dance, live music, and more!
Montreal Is Having A "Polish Street-Food Festival" That Will Satisfy Your Pierogi Cravings

There are so many amazing festivals in Montreal this summer I can no longer keep track! With so many food festivals, you have to start to categorize them and pick and choose what type of food festival you prefer. Or else you'd just get plaid overwhelmed.

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With that said, we can easily see that food festivals in Montreal come in a lot of different shapes and sizes.

Some are more "corporate" commercially-driven festivals like "Le Grand Poutine fest" and "Mac Fest" that run over the course of several days in large venues and space, and will often time be a little more expensive to eat and drink.

Next, you can find local-level festivals, that are run and organized by fairly large Montreal-based organizations such as the YATAI festival or the Asian Night Market.  These festivals usually start in smaller venues and gain traction over the years and blossom into larger-scale gatherings over the years.

Last-but-not-least, the best types of food festivals are the intimate ones. They might be smaller in size, but they have a whole lot of heart.

These are usually held in public parks, churches, or community centers.  Like "Jerk Fest"  and "Spring Polish Bazzare" These community-based events are in my opinion the most rewarding and fun experiences.  Because people are there to support one another and not for the Instagram likes.

Today, I'm here to tell you about an awesome community event you will definitely want to attend if you love community-based food and culture festivals.

The Polski Piknik is being held this month at Parc Médéric-Martin right next to Metro Frontenac.

You will find at this festival tons of Polish food, dancing, live music and performances, and even a kids corner for those who come with the whole family.

Via events

Everything you need to know:

What: Polski Piknik Montreal
Where: Parc Médéric-Martin // Metro Frontenac
When: Sunday, August 26th from 11am-8pm

Don't forget to mark your calendars and click 'attend' on the official Facebook event page HERE.

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