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Montreal $1 Croissant Day

Prepare yourself.
Montreal $1 Croissant Day

Flaky, buttery, and altogether delicious, nothing can warm your soul quite like a croissant. And we're not talking about those Tim Hortons/Starbucks/chain bakery-style croissants, we mean the authentically artisan-crafted croissants made by Montreal's best bakeries.

Enjoying the sensory experience of a freshly baked croissant truly is a joy Montrealers can all relate to. And come this April, we'll all be eating our fill of amazing croissants thanks to La Fête du Croissant, a veritable "croissant festival."

A celebration of the mighty croissant,La Fête du Croissant is a province-wide event that will gather together more than 50 pastry shops and bakeries for a day full of croissant making, baking, and (of course) eating.

Best of all: during the 1-day festival, all croissants will be $1.

Yup, that's right, every single participating shop will be selling their freshly baked croissant for just a buck. Can't beat that kind of deal.

La Fête du croissant will be taking over Montreal on Saturday, April 30th, with tons more info still on the horizon. Rest assured we'll keep you all in the loop, because $1 croissants.

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