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Montreal Is Hosting A 12 Hour Dance Party At Palais des Congrès This Weekend

Black & Blue is back.
Montreal Is Hosting A 12 Hour Dance Party At Palais des Congrès This Weekend

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Thanksgiving weekend, with the Monday being a holiday, gives you an extra day out of the weekend, to party, of course. Spending time with your family can be done on Saturday, because Sunday night, you should be going to Black & Blue Festival's main event, which will be an epic 10am to 10pm rave-party at Palais des Congrès.

The 24th edition of the Black & Blue Festival begins on October 8th and will end on the 14th. Different parties, with scandalously cool themes, will be held each and every night, with the party-energy reaching its peak for the main Sunday night 12-hour event. Most of the parties cater to the LGBT community, though the final event will definitely be one all of Montreal can get a little crazy at and thoroughly enjoy.

Beginning at 10pm, Black & Blue's main event will transform a space in Palais des Congrès into two party rooms, both with different features. International DJs will be playing in both rooms, with one being dedicated to House music, and the other  for Trance tunes. The second room will also have a "silent disco" going on, where you dance to tunes heard through headphones, with music performed live by LES MUETANTS.

The theme for this year's party will be “Inspiration METROPOLIS” with the Fritz Lang film actually being screened during the event. A silent film, you can watch and dance to the music provided by the party, or listen to the film's original score via headphones. It may seem strange to have a movie going on during a giant dance party, but anyone who's seen Metropolis (and knows how trippy-cool it is) will know the film makes a perfect fit.

Montreal's Black & Blue Festival began way back in 1991 as a single 800-person party, that has now grown into a legit festival that regularly hosts over 80, 000 people from around the world. In 2012, 8000 people attended the main party alone, so expect this year to be just as epically packed with all sorts of sexy people.

Attending Black & Blue will also let you party for a purpose, as all proceeds will be going towards the BBCM Foundation, whose goal is to help and financially aid Montreal's various AIDS support organizations. So when you're dancing and getting wild at Black & Blue, know you're helping out a good cause, which definitely justifies partying on a Sunday.

Get all the info on the Black & Blue Festival by heading to the official website and Facebook page. For a breakdown on the party's main event, head here.

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