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Montreal Is Hosting A $20 Pet Microchipping Day

A big discount from the regular $75.
Montreal Is Hosting A $20 Pet Microchipping Day

Montreal, in collaboration with the city's vets, will be hosting a microchipping day for dogs and cats on Sunday October 25. All microchips, which are usually $75, will only be $20. Now that's an amazing price for something that will ensure your pet finds you again if they're ever lost.

Registration for appointments is running right now and goes until October 9th, or until all appointments have been assigned, so make sure you book yours quickly! To sign up, your pet must already have an animal license (which are required in Montreal anyway).

Microchips are tiny capsules, the size of a grain of rice, that each have a unique numeric code that identifies the animal. It's implanted into your pet like a vaccine. The best part of all is that it's permanent and cannot be lost, like a tag potentially could. If your pet ever finds themselves at a shelter, a reader can easily be used to detect the microchip, which will then display your contact information in the shelter's database. As someone who's for some reason found more than one run-away pet, I can say that if those animals had had microchips, my life and the owner's would have been a whole lot easier.

For more information on Montreal's microchipping day, check out the website here.

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