Montreal Is Hosting A "90s Video Game Festival"

With the 80s and 2000s in the mix, too.
Montreal Is Hosting A "90s Video Game Festival"

As much as I love Halo, Far Cry, and the latest iterations of the gaming world's best franchises (FF, MarioKart, Zelda, to name a few), nothing beats the classics.

Without any of the graphical lustre and grit that are almost prerequisites for modern video games, the titles and consoles we now call "retro" were able to wow our senses simply through addictive gameplay and immersive storytelling.

Pokemon Red & Blue, Donkey Kong Country, Sonic, Punch Out, the list can go on and on. And while many of still have our old school handhelds and consoles, the only thing that's really missing are the games themselves.

I mean, it's not like you can just head into a video game store and expect them to be carrying titles that are literally older than most Millennials.

But you wouldn't go to a standard gaming shop if you wanted to get your hands on some retro gaming titles, you would head to the "Grande vente de jeux rétro" this weekend, right? Right.

Organized by ArcadeMTL, a community in the city devoted to revitalizing classic games for modern audiences, the "Grande vente de jeux rétro" will accomplish the same goal, with tons of retro titles on sale for you to buy then proceed to spend hours playing.

Games for NES to N64 will be sold on-site, with the massive game sale continuing from noon 'til the evening. ArcadeMTL promises the giant video game sale will then turn into a bg party, adding another layer of awesome to what's already a crazy cool event.

The Grande vente de jeux rétro will be held this Saturday, January 30th. For details on the exact location and time, head to the official Facebook event page here.

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