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Montreal Is Hosting A "Beer Festival" On Mont-Royal

With live musical performances, too.
Montreal Is Hosting A "Beer Festival" On Mont-Royal

Few activities are quite as enjoyable as a good beer at a Montreal bar. Throw in a performance by an acclaimed musician and you have a solid night out on your hands.

Unfortunately, for all us folks who aren't engrained into the city's music scene, being able to track down shows at local bars can be a bit of a struggle, unless you're prepared to go to the same bar-venue you've been to time and time again.

But thankfully the brand new Montreal festival known as the "Taverne Tour" will be bringing together tunes, booze, and bars for you, giving you an entire weekend's worth of events to check out.

Organized by the folks behind l’Autre Saint-Jean, the Taverne Tour concept is centered on brining local and international musical acts right into some of the best bars on Mont-Royal street.

Nine bars make up the Taverne Tour list of venues, each of which will be hosting on of the 11 artists that will perform throughout the festival. The musical acts and artists will vary in terms of style and genre, and you can check out the full lineup here.

As for the bars themselves, here's a rundown of those participating in the Taverne Tour:

  • leBar inc.
  • La Taverne Sant-Sacrement
  • Chez Baptiste Mont-Royal
  • Barraca
  • La Taverne Normand
  • Le Pub West Shefford
  • Le Verre Bouteille
  • Le Jono Bar
  • Le Matahari Bar Salon

A three day festival, Taverne Tour will be held on February 4th, 5th, and 6th. For more details, head over to the official event page here.

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