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Montreal Is Hosting A BYOB Vintage Arcade Party This Week

The event is FREE for ladies.
Montreal Is Hosting A BYOB Vintage Arcade Party This Week

Photo cred - 1958fury

It seems that Montrealers can't get enough video game action this year. MTL Blog already announced that Montreal is hosting a “Pokémon” orchestra concert this summer, there's also a nintendo Mario Kart tournament and vintage video game expo at the Science Center in the Old Port, and that's not all. This year's Comiccon will feature a massive Super Smash Bros. tournament.

That all sounds nice, but those events are weeks away so what are you supposed to do until then?

Luckily we've gotten word that the Retrogaming Arcade is moving to a new location and to celebrate the big move, they're holding their own retro gaming event tomorrow night. The event is FREE for ladies and $20 for gentlemen, all the arcades and gaming consoles will be free to play, and here's the bonus: the event is BYOB, so you can bring whatever booze you choose. Snacks and drinks will also be free and there will be a large inventory of retro games for sale.

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