Montreal Is Hosting A "Cat Art Festival" This Weekend

You will want to go right meow.
Montreal Is Hosting A "Cat Art Festival" This Weekend

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Everyone loves cats, and I'm not just referring to the online society of people on the internet. Even in the offline world of art can you find many a cat-lover, which you'll be able to see for yourself. Montreal's Galerie Le Repaire des 100 talents will play host to the feline-centric works of many local artists during the "Cat Art Festival" taking place November 13th to December 22nd.

100talents' art expo is technically themed "les maitres du Monde," which is pretty fitting for cats, who strut around like they own the place. Anyone a bit skeptical about a cat-centric art show shouldn't fret. This isn't an outlet for all the crazy cat lady-artists of the world. Instead, the theme is being used as a means to showcase the varying styles of the many artist featured.

100 works of cat-art from 28 different artists will be featured in the month-long art expo. A vernissage will be held on Sunday, NOvember 16th, where you will be able to meet all of the artist, who, we are assured, are also cat-lovers.

"Les maitres du Monde" Cat Art Festival will be held at Galerie Le Repaire des 100 talents (map) from Novmber 13th to December 22nd. Find out more at the official event listing here.

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