Montreal Is Hosting A Chocolate Festival This Winter

We had you at chocolate.
Montreal Is Hosting A Chocolate Festival This Winter

Few foods are quite on the level of chocolate. A truly versatile sweet, the vast array of chocolate types and desserts are only outnumbered by the amount of people who simply love chocolate.

And given that you're reading this right now, I think I can safely assume you're a chocolate lover yourself. With that, I bring you amazing news:

Montreal is hosting a free chocolate festival at Marché Bonsecours, a gustatory celebration of all things made with cocoa.

Aptly titled "Je t'aime en chocolat," the food fest will take over Marché Bonsecours for a full three days, offering all citizens of Montreal a myriad of different chocolatey flavours to indulge in, all made by some of the best chocolatiers the province has to offer.

Most of the amazing chocolate delights will be available to you at the Marché du chocolat, a cocoa-tastic bazar housing over 30 different exhibitors. All will offer their unique treats on-site, and we're hoping plenty of free samples are in the mix.

But while you'll need to pay to get the chocolatey-goods from the Marché du chocolat's vendors, there are more than a few free events to get cocoa'd at too.

At the l'Académie du Chocolat folks will be treated to free classes and workshops from some of Quebec's most esteemed chocolatiers. Several courses will be held every day of the festival, all providing you with insights into the realms of chocolate you wouldn't normally have access to.

And the choco-fest isn't all about eating chocolate, either, as wearing chocolate plays a huge role in the festival too. No joke, there's actually the Grands Défilés de mode chocolatés, a veritable chocolate fashion show. Expect crazy chocolate headwear, deliciously chic chocolate gowns, and models who probably don't eat much chocolate themselves.

The fifth edition of Je t'aime en chocolat will be held at Marché Bonsecours from February 5th to February 7th. For all the details, head to the official website and Facebook page here.

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