Montreal Is Hosting A "Christmas Food Festival" In The Plateau This Weekend

Nothing beats holiday baked goods.
Montreal Is Hosting A "Christmas Food Festival" In The Plateau This Weekend

Screw presents, cheer, or good will to others, the best part about the holiday season is the food. Aside from the epic meals you'll get to enjoy closer to Xmas/Hanukkah/your-holiday-of-choosing, your taste buds are also privy to the flavour-gasm of the amazing sweets and treats you can only enjoy at this magical time of year.

Christmas cookies, hot chocolates, ginger bread men, all are examples of the delectable eats of the season, and rather than being forced to make them for yourself (of wait for your fam to), the Plateau is hosting an event that will satiate everyone's collective sweet tooth.

To be put on by Santropol Roulant, the Plateau-Mont-Royal will be hosting a veritable Christmas food festival, titled the "The Roulant Holiday Food & Craft Fair."

Going down on December 5th (this Saturday!), the Santropol Roulant-hosted food event invites any and all Montrealers to come out and enjoy a wide variety of treats created by local bakers and artisans. So you'll get to enjoy homemade deliciousness without having to lift a single finger (or deal with an annoying aunt), which is a holiday win-win of miraculous proportions.

The recently-opened Santropol Roulant General Store will also be a part of the holiday fair, meaning you can get your hands on the usual assortment of edibles sold at the year-round location. Items include savory and sweet canned goods (e.g. apple sauce, sour cherry jam, grape jelly), dried herbs, frozen meals, and urban honey.

Aside from food, crafts will also be sold on-site, all of which will also be made by local Montreal artisans. No doubt you'll be able to find the perfect new addition to your holiday decoration set-up. Better yet, almost everything will be priced between $5-$15, so the whole event will be very affordable.

The Roulant Holiday Food & Craft Fair will occur on Saturday, December 5th from 1pm to 6pm at 111 Roy E (map) and is wheelchair accessible. For more details, head to the Facebook event page here.

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