Montreal Is Hosting A $1 Coffee Day Next Month

Best day ever!
Montreal Is Hosting A $1 Coffee Day Next Month

We've already discussed how Montreal is a leader when it comes to food and entertainment.

In fact, it was said that Montreal is home to 1/5 of the top restaurants across Canada, which surprises nobody.

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Most of us just can't resist the draw of that sweet cup of coffee in the morning... or afternoon, or any time of day, really.

Personally, I can't last through a whole day without a good cup of coffee.

I. Love. Coffee.

Next month, Montreal will host the city-wide Festivals des Cafés with over 50 participating cafés, meant to highlight some of our outstanding coffee shops and baristas in Montreal that make our daily life just that much easier.

J'aime mon café's special coffee week is a unique event you'll definitely want to check out. via

The Café Festival begins April 15 and will continue until April 21.

On April 21st, the list of 50+ participating coffee shops will be offering their signature brews for only $1, or $2 for a latte.

Here is a few of the participating Cafés this year:

  • Aloha Espresso Bar
  • Denise
  • Mouton Noir
  • Sobab
  • Café Hublot
  • Nomad MTL
  • Carmen & Felipe
  • Kaffeteca
  • Black Sheep
  • Playtime
  • 108 Intentions
  • Coffee Hubolt
  • Rose Coffee
  • The Little Burner

You can see a full list of participating cafés right here.

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