Montreal Is Hosting A "Drunk Mean Girls" Table Read

Easily one of the best films of our generation.
Montreal Is Hosting A "Drunk Mean Girls" Table Read

OMG, this is so GROOL!...

Montreal is home to an incredibly high amount of performers spanning multiple aspects of arts and entertainment. 

Honestly, living in this city can be overwhelming at times. There is simply too much going on at any given moment to decide on what to do.

I usually just end up kicking back at home and re-watching some of my favourite flicks on Netflix... like Mean Girls or some other cult-classic.

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Well, tomorrow night instead of re-watching Mean Girls at home for the millionth time, I'm gonna head out and check out one of the coolest events this month. 

Drunk 'Mean Girls' - A Live Table Read

"Join us at MainLine Theatre to watch a group of Montreal pseudo-celebs breath sweet, alcoholic life back into the most important film of our generation: MEAN GIRLS. And, hey, you can wear pink, even though it ain't Wednesday. All proceeds will be donated to charity!"

Okay, first of all, Mean Girls is a cult-classic, so this is automatically more "fetch" than any even happening in town this week. 

Think of all the iconic one-liners in this flick... this is gonna be "so fetch."

10 local performers will get together onstage to read the Mean Girls script out loud while drinking.

To bring the fun level up a few notches, the cast and promoters are enthusiastically suggesting that you help the "plastics" get extra sloppy. 

Audience members are welcomed to buy drinks for the performers on stage - though performers can deny a drink once they've hit their own limits... but I don't think that will happen TOO easily. 

Only "word vomit"... no real-life Cady Heron vomit incidents to be seen here. 

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All proceeds from this event are being donated to the Canadian HIV/AIDS Legal Network, a charitable group that does incredible work promoting the human rights of people living with, at risk or affected by HIV or AIDS.

Since this is a fundraising event, the ticket price is a minimum, but you can give more if you choose. 

When? April 5th, 7:30 PM

Where?MainLine Theatre

How Much? $10 min. 

Tickets will be available at the door 1-hr before showtime, only... and you can still wear pink, even though it's not on a Wednesday.

Find more information right here.

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