Montreal Is Hosting A Lavish "Foie Gras Fest" This Month

Time to indulge!
Montreal Is Hosting A Lavish "Foie Gras Fest" This Month

Foie gras is a controversial food. But despite the controversy, there is no denying that foie gras is delicious. And due to the complex process of its production, foie gras is also considered a "luxury food." 

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The unique and complex flavour of foie gras hits a primal nerve, while the rich and indulgent texture will make your taste buds light up like Christmas tree lights. 

Foie Gras is like a Louis Vuitton bag, it's a classic French food that will never go out of style. 

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That said, all these factors considered, foie gras is not cheap. 

Usually retailing for approximately $50 a pound, according to CNN Money, foie gras is considered "one of the world's priciest foods."

That's why Montrealers who love foie gras and classic French cooking will be happy to know that Montreal and "RestoMania" are hosting a city-wide 2nd annual "Duck Fest" this month.

From the 20th-30th of September, the following restaurants will be offering a special appetizer of duck or foie gras and an alcoholic beverage for only $10!

  • Le Local
  • La Garde Partagée
  • Pikéos
  • Pot Masson
  • Le Lab
  • Licence IV
  • More restaurants to be announced...

Everything you need to know:

What: Le DuckFest
Where: Participating restaurants
When: September 20th-30th, 2018

Check out the official "Le DuckFest" page for more info!

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