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Montreal Is Hosting A Free Build-Your-Own Pizza Event This Month

Dozens of delicious toppings! The possibilities are endless!
Montreal Is Hosting A Free Build-Your-Own Pizza Event This Month

They say that what goes around comes around: when you do a good deed, a good deed comes back to you. Sometimes, though, life mixes things up, and there are surprising ways you can give back to the world. And next week in Montreal, one of those ways is eating delicious pizza.

That’s right, an amazing build-your-own pizza pop-up bar is opening up in the heart of Montreal from May 29 to June 3. For every pizza you buy, one pizza will be donated to the very worthy cause Moisson Montreal. How is that for doing a good deed?!

This pop-up pizzeria is brought to you by the generous team at Delissio Rustico, partnering with our fave boutique grocer, Fou d’Ici, at 360 De Maisonneuve Ouest. Fou d’Ici are putting their grocery store on hold for a week and transforming into a pizzeria, Ma Rustico Chez Fou D’Ici!

via @foudici

You will, of course, know Delissio Rustico from their gourmet thin-crust pizzas. We are huge fans of their Margherita pizzas, but you might know them for their other ace varieties like Funghi, Spinaci Fresca, Pepperoni Diavolo or Quattro Formaggi. So their new pop-up pizza bar is guaranteed to be off the hook in amazingness.

So how do we get involved in this pizza extravaganza? There are three ways you can get a slice of the action: grab a free pizza which you can customize yourself or try one of their chef-inspired creations for free. You can also purchase a Delissio Rustico pizza to take home, and when you do, one pizza will be donated to Moisson Montreal. 

For your free pizza, head to Fou D’Ici and customize your Rustico Margherita pizza with fresh, local ingredients. And we’re not talking about just throwing on a bit of basil, are we? Oh, no! Layer that baby with Montreal smoked meat, smokes lardons, curd cheese, Shish taouk chicken breast, cured ham, pickled turnip, kosher dill pickles, fresh mint or caramelized apples. Get ready for your mouth to melt.

via @nomnomyvr

But one pizza isn’t enough, right? Bring your BFFs and the fam, make a day of it and also order one of their delish chef-inspired specials for free: La Main, La Minuit or a La Cabane. These tantalizing pizzas are created with 100% local Quebec ingredients in collaboration with Chef Patrick Dubeau from Fou D’ici. And they are 100% delish, too.

When you buy a frozen Rustico pizza to take home, you are helping support your local community. For every pizza purchased at the pizza pop-up, one pizza goes to Moisson Montreal. Good on you!

Head to the pop-up pizzeria Ma Rustico Chez Fou D’Ici, at 360 De Maisonneuve Ouest between May 29 to June 3 to give (and eat!) generously. Bon appetit!

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