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Montreal Is Hosting A Free "Caribbean" Food Festival This Month

A vacation getaway without leaving the city!
Montreal Is Hosting A Free "Caribbean" Food Festival This Month

If you love authentic Jamaican jerk chicken, spiced rum straight from Barbados, and discovering cultural delicacy while staying within the city, you're in for a pleasant surprise.

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That's right Montreal. Quebec's premier Caribbean culture event, A Taste of the Caribbean, is coming back! This year is better than ever with new foods, drinks, and tons of activities. The best part? Admission is absolutely FREE! 

A fan favourite you can expect to see at this year's food festival is The Rum Zone, which is an entire station dedicated to introducing samples of many traditional rums and a huge variety of Caribbean tapas. So not only can you stuff your face at this years festival, but you can get your drink on at the same!

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Although the food will always be #1 in many of our hearts, for the 19th anniversary of the this years festival a diverse variety of both traditional and contemporary dance styles are being introduced to us city dwellers. With free workshops being run daily, you can master the salsa while eating all the roti your heart desires. 

Lucky for us, the wait isn't too long before we can indulge in all that Caribbean culture offers. The festival begins this July 12 and runs to July 15 from 12:00PM to 11:00PM at Quai de l'horloge in Old Port, rain or shine! 

So get ready Montreal, this festival only comes around once a year!

For more information on the festival and all of its venues click here or check out the official Facebook page here.

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