Montreal Is Hosting A Free Health & Fitness Festival This Weekend

Learn how to be healthy for free.
Montreal Is Hosting A Free Health & Fitness Festival This Weekend

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Like last year, and the year before, your 2015 New Year's Resolution was probably "get fit, be healthy, and go to the gym." After the eating frenzy that is the holidays, many make being active and healthy our goal for the year, yet most of us give up 2 weeks into January. Impending failure may change to wild success, however, after you attend the Healthy Active Lifestyle Expo this weekend.

To be held at Studio Sundari (map) by Beaubien station, the event will be a totally free way to learn about how to be healthy and active, in almost every respect.

On the fitness side of things, you will be able to try a bunch of free classes, including Zumba, Sasla, Kickboxing, Laughter Yoga, among many others. If you're already bored of your gym routine one week into the new year, this'll be a great oppurtunity to find a fitness class that suits you.

Physical activity isn't the only thing to learn about though, as there will also be workshops on personal change, with talks from life coaches, motivational speakers, dietitians, and nutritionists. Change the way you think about yourself and your diet, all at the affordable price of free.

As with any good festival, partying will be an integral aspect, as once the night hits, the fun begins. Saturday night of the expo will have live bands and DJs performing so you can dance it up, because grooving is a form of fitness too. See the whole schedule of events for the Healthy Active Lifestyle Expo here.

Montreal's first ever Healthy Active Lifestyle Expo will be held this Saturday & Sunday at Studio Sundari. Head to the official website and Facebook event page here.

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