Montreal Is Hosting A Free Outdoor Disco Dance Party At Parc Lafontaine Next Week

Let's get weird in public.

So you like hanging out at Parc Lafontaine, and you like dancing, chances are you probably like summer too, but combine all three, and you have the makings of a good time. Throw in the fact that it won't cost you a dime and you will be part of something that already has over 1,000 people attending, and you're like, "whaaaaa?"

Silent Discos have been around for about a decade now, but modern advances to our smartphone technology as we know it, along with Montreal's relentless desire to have fun in any way possible, this unique shared music experience is more popular than ever. Montrealers are embracing the silent disco, and the next one is going to turn Parc Lafontaine into a mega dancefloor next Saturday, May 23.

The concept is simple: Download the customized playlist on your smartphone, show up at Parc Lafontaine at 3:30 pm, then countdown with hundreds of fellow silent discoers (that's a word right?) before all hitting the play button and starting the musical revolution.

Dance your face off at Lafontaine for a while before groovin' your way over to Mount Royal, stopping off at the various parks and greenspaces along the way.

Lets turn the city into a dancefloor! is a completely free event, the one-of-a-kind playlist is free to download, and they'll even provide free headphones and splitters if you don't have your own. Needless to say, this is just another reason there's no place like home in the summer!

Check out the Facebook Event for more details and the Silent Disco Squad website to download the playlist and find more events happening in the city.

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