Montreal Is Hosting A "Friends" TV Show Party At McGill University This Week

If you're a fan of the show, this is perfect for you.
Montreal Is Hosting A "Friends" TV Show Party At McGill University This Week

Photo cred - Engadget / returnofkings

If you haven't already started binge watching Friends on Netflix (and if you have, who cares!), then this event is for you. Montreal will be hosting a Friends marathon at Gerts Bar. So if you've been meaning to catch up on all your favorite episodes, Gerts will be there for you (when the snow starts to fall).

The event starts today, February 9th starting at 11:00am and ends on February 12th at 6:00pm.

Get ready to go through the typical reaction stages of catching up with Friends

Being amazed at how different they all looked in the first season.

Charting the evolution of Joey's hair.

Noticing that Phoebe has really odd standards when it comes to guys.

Laughing at how big their cell-phones are.

Being surprised that you have no idea what Chandler's job it.

Remembering how they get the monkey, the chicken and the duck.

Being sad at the fact that Eddie is only roommates with Chandler for 3 episodes.

Noticing how stupid Ross and Rachel are.

and of course, seeing a bunch of cameo appearances from actors you now recognize from other shows and thinking to yourself: "Oh yeah, I forgot they were in this."

So have your fill and go watch every episode, one thing's for sure, no one at Gerts is gonna guilt you for overindulging.

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