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Montreal Is Hosting A "Funky Sock" Party Tonight On Saint-Denis Street

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When a bar, club, or restaurant opens, an inaugural party celebrating the first night of operation is expected. Laundromats, not so much, but the newest laundromat on St. Denis, Little Lost Sock, isn't missing the oppurtunity and is throwing a Funky Sock Party in honour of their opening.

Don your zaniest socks and head to 3690 St Denis (map) for a party all about laundry. Prizes will be awarded for the funkiest of socks, coffee will be given out for tastings, and you'll even be able to test out the washing machines on your own socks.

More is to be expacted at the Little Lost Sock's first sock-themed party, but any party wear I can finally wear my pair of My Little Pony socks, without looking like a creepy Brony, is a party worth attending. We've all got some weird socks we'd normally never wear, so don't judge, and get funky with your feet tonight.

The Funky Sock Party at the Little Lost Sock begins at 5pm tonight and ends at 7pm. For more details and any updates, head to the FB event here.

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