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Montreal Is Hosting A Giant "Urban Snowball Fight" This Saturday

Let the snowflakes fly this weekend.
Montreal Is Hosting A Giant "Urban Snowball Fight" This Saturday

Photo cred - Suzanne Caisse

Don your mittens, snowsuit, and balaclavas because this weekend Montrealers across the city are invited to relieve the stresses of life/winter in the most appropriate way for the season: a snowball fight.

Organized by a group of Montrealers who simply wish to relive the childhood magic of chucking snow at your friend's face (children can be so cruel), the snow fight all Montrealers are invited to is set to fling snowflakes in the year this Saturday, January 31st.

The site of the Montreal Snowball Fight will be Jarry Park (map) just a bit north of Parc and de Castelnau metro stations. Beginning at 2:30pm, the snowball fight will consume the park, depending on the number of participants, which we assume will be many in number, because what else are you doing o Saturday that's more fun? Being hungover? Don't be basic and see you there.

Find out all the details by heading to the event Facebook page here.

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