Montreal Is Hosting A Giant Pillow Fight On The Same Day That Marijuana Becomes Legal In Canada

What better activity to do during your first legal high?
Montreal Is Hosting A Giant Pillow Fight On The Same Day That Marijuana Becomes Legal In Canada

It's no secret that Montreal has some pretty interesting and unique events you'd have trouble finding anywhere else.

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TL;DR A pillow fight on Montreal's Mount Royal will be taking place this October 17. Coincidentally (or perhaps not), this is the same day as cannabis legalization in Canada. So far, over one thousand people are interested in this unique event lasting from 6PM to 2AM.

What typically comes to mind are our cultural food festivals and seasonal celebrations such as the Zombie Walk. All special, but still not too out of the ordinary.

That's why it's a little hard to believe it when you hear that the entire city will be taking part in a massive pillow fight this month.

The event will take place on Mount Royal, which offers some of the largest open spaces in the city.

It gets even more interesting when you hear that the feathery fight will take place on the iconic day we've all been waiting for: October 17.

For those that haven't yet heard, that's the day of cannabis legalization in Canada. Needless to say, expect everyone to be super high whilst playfully flinging pillows at one another.

In true sleepover spirit, the pillow fight will last from 6PM on the 17th until 2AM the next day. Who knows, with Halloween just around the corner, things might even get a little spooky.

As of now, over one thousand people are interested in the Facebook event, meaning this thing has the potential to take over all of Montreal.

The creator of the event has issued a few rules though, just to ensure the safety of everyone who participates in this one-of-a-kind activity. 

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The rules list that hair pulling, grabbing, and punching are forbidden. So, no, this isn't your opportunity to release all of your anger by pummeling someone with a pillow.

Although you certainly can live out your true slumber-party dreams and have an all-night-long pillow fight while you and a thousand other people get high (in accordance with legal guidelines, of course)!

This is seriously a once-in-a-lifetime event that you don't want to miss out on!

Oh, and don't forget to bring your own pillow.


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