The Montreal Harry Potter Strip Tease Spelling Bee Will Get Sexy Tonight On Saint Laurent Street

Photo Cred - Anna Fischer

Calling all Hermione fan-fic writers and Hogwarts cosplayers! Montreal has a treat for you! An event containing a combination of the best things ever has just been announced: proper spelling, nudity, and our generation’s favourite wizarding world. Tonight, Friday February 6th, MainLine Theatre is hosting a Harry Potter Strip Spelling Bee!

What does this magical event entail? Apparently it’s set up like a strip poker game. “One by one, participants are asked to spell a word. If they get it right, they sit down,” if not then they must perform a strip tease in front of an audience of horny Harry Potter fans. Each contestant is allowed three misspelled words before they are disqualified and de-robed. The winner of the spelling bee and the best strip tease will be awarded with cat related prizes!

If you’re interested in participating in the strip spelling bee, then come down on the 6th of February dressed in your best Harry Potter garb. A contestant wearing anything from a witch’s hat to Hufflepuff themed lingerie will be given extra points by the judges. This event is a ‘boo’ free zone and has proclaimed it is a “queer, senior and trans-friendly event”. So everyone should go down and participate!

Head on over to the Harry Potter Strip Tease Spelling Bee, Facebook page, for all your basic info on the event.