Montreal Is Hosting A Harry Potter Trivia Night For Syrian Refugees

Use your Harry Potter knowledge for a good cause.
Montreal Is Hosting A Harry Potter Trivia Night For Syrian Refugees

Unlike doctors, social workers, or even simple home-owners, a lot of us younger Montrealers don't have a lot to offer the Syrian refugees coming into the city.

As children of the 90s and early 2000s, what we do have is a near-encyclopedic knowledge (and intense adoration) for all things Harry Potter.

What does that have to do with anything related to the incoming refugees who seriously need our help? Everything, actually, because Harry Potter and philanthropy are joining forces for the "the Harry Potter trivia night + coat donations" an event you'll all love that will also aid some people in need.

To be held at the beloved Crescent dive bar Mad Hatter Pub, the Harry Potter trivia night spectacular is exactly what is sounds like: a trivia competition with all things Harry Potter used as questions. Note, that both the books and movies will be fair game, so be sure to know everything you can about both mediums, not that you already don't.

On the charity side of things, the event will also be used as a means to collect winter clothes for Syrian refugees coming to Montreal, many of which have never experience winter, let alone an intense Montreal one. All manner of seasonal garbs and sizes will be accepted, so please do bring along whatever you can spare.

Speaking of apparel, any and all participants are also encouraged to dress up in costume. So go ahead and rock those wizard robes you only keep around the house, as a legit costume could win you some free drinks, many of which will be Harry Potter-themed for the event.

Harry Potter Trivia Night + Coat Donations will be held on December 14th, on the second floor of Mad Hatter Pub. For more details and updates, head over to the official Facebook event page here.

Oh, and as you should know: No muggles allowed.

If you wish to help many of the incoming refugees in Montreal and all of Quebec in other ways, please read more here →

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