Montreal Is Hosting A Huge Beach Festival This Summer

Movie screenings on the beach!
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Montreal Is Hosting A Huge Beach Festival This Summer

For a city so far from the ocean, Montreal has a lot of beach attractions. As an island in the expansive Saint Lawrence river, the city is graced with several sandy escapes. 

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The Pied-au-Courant next to the Jacques Cartier Bridge, for example, just opened a giant beach village complete with food, dance, and art installations.

This Saturday, the city is hosting another water festival at the beautiful Cap-Saint-Jacques nature reserve at the western end of the island on the shore of the Lac des deux Montagnes.

The Facebook event promises surfing, boat rides, cartoon film projections, live music, and a fleet of food trucks lining the venue. There will even be kitesurfing!

But to top it all off, the day will conclude with a movie screening right on the beach! The film will be Before the Flood staring Leonardo di Caprio. 

The beach also looks west across the lake. So that means stunning sunset views.

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A movie on the beach with this sunset view? In Montreal?? 

The Cap-Saint-Jacques park is the largest nature reserve right here in the city. Also on site is a working farm and associated general store.

So, to recap: beach, surfing, food trucks, movie-screening, AND cute farm animals and crafty farm products!

See the official city website for information about getting there.


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