Montreal Is Hosting A Huge "Imported Wine Tasting" Festival This Week

Featuring over 120 winegrowers from all over the world!
Montreal Is Hosting A Huge "Imported Wine Tasting" Festival This Week

I'm assuming that if you've found yourself on this page, you're most definitely into wine.

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That means that I don't have to give you a 100-word-long introduction on how amazing and great wine is – you know it's great, and I don't need to persuade you. 

So – let's get straight to the event.

The event is not one of these small "festivals" located in a restaurant or bar. This is a bonafide full-scale wine tasting hosted by the SAQ and Raspipav. 

It will be held at the beautiful and historic Marché Bonsecours in the Old Port and will feature over 120 winegrowers from all over the world! 

As you can see from the title of the event, this wine tasting is focusing not on local wine, but imported wine instead. 

This is a great opportunity for restaurant owners to come by and sample wine from lesser-known winemakers.

You don't need to be a business owner or wine-expert to attend, though. It's open to the general public! 

For a small entry fee of $25 you can taste all the wine! Check out some photos from previous instalments of the event.

Via raspipav

Via raspipav

Here is the official flyer!

Via Salon des vins d'importation privée

Everything you need to know:

What: Imported wine tasting event by SAQ
Where: Bonsecours Market // Old Port
When: Saturday October 27th, Sunday 28th, Monday 29th
Price: $25 gen. admission

For the official Facebook event page click HERE!

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