Montreal Is Hosting A Huge Lebanese Food Festival

Live music and good vibes ahead.
Montreal Is Hosting A Huge Lebanese Food Festival

If there's one thing that Montrealers love to do during the summer, it's celebrate.

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I mean, that's a little bit obvious - we have hundreds of small, medium, and huge festivals going down every summer in Montreal, from giant music fests, to smaller (but equally awesome!) cultural festivals.

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And one of the biggest cultural festivals taking place in the Greater Montreal area? Montreal's very own Festival Libanais. 

The Festival Libanais is going down in Laval (2965 Boulevard du Souvenir) on June 15 - 18, 2017, for the 15th year in a row.

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Seriously, it looks like one super fun, super huge celebration! There'll be live music,fun times, and a whole lot of food... and of course, a whole lot of good vibes, too.

Sounds like the most fun thing ever? Then check out the Festival Libanais' Facebook page right here!

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