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Montreal Is Hosting A Huge "Mini Cactus & Succulent" Sale

I always thought that I wasn't cut out to be a plant owner. I just wasn't responsible enough to take care of a living thing that needs to be watered every single day. But then I found succulents and cacti and everything changed!

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The best thing about these plants is that they barely need any attention at all. Water them once or twice a week and you're good! They'll last forever. Not to mention they're insanely cute and look adorable in apartments. 

via @plantzy

via @plantzy

The amazing Plantzy held an unreal plant sale last week and it was so amazing! I bought a cactus, a succulent AND a tropical plant and guess what? They're all still alive and well! They made my room look 514% brighter than it did before with all the colour and freshness that they bring. 

Now they're holding another huge cactus, succulent and tropical plant sale on September 15th and 16th at their Mile End location at 5445 Avenue de Gaspe

via @plantzy

They have tables full of mini cacti, shelves of tropical plants like aloe and money trees, and gorgeous hanging plants from the ceilings! They sell these amazing plants at 15% off their regular prices usually, giving you the best deals! 

via @plantzy

They haven't released their official Facebook event yet but the sale was announced on their Instagram page yesterday!

Notez-le à vote agenda, la prochaine vente aura lieu le vendredi 15 et samedi 16 septembre! 💚🌵#plantzylove #plants #greenlife

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Keep an eye out for the official event to be announced on their Facebook page

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