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7 Jobs You Can Get Hired For Right Now In Montreal

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7 Jobs You Can Get Hired For Right Now In Montreal

Alright, show of hands: who here is craving something a little extra out of life? Everyone? Great, that's exactly what I thought.

Because sometimes, it's easy to get stuck in a life rut; or, it's easy to feel frustrated when you know what you want, but not how to get it. I know. I feel you guys. Although you could feel that way about a lot of aspects, there's nothing worse than feeling a little frustrated about how things are going in your career. 

Luckily for us, though, there are certain things out there meant to help us reach all our #careergoals, whatever they might be. Whether you just want a higher salary, want to travel the world, or want to switch careers completely... well, there are things out there that have our backs. 

Just like the QS World MBA Tour. This event is super key for those of us looking to go back to school to earn an MBA, and turn all of those goals into a reality.

They put many of the world's best business schools together under one roof, and let you rub elbows with admissions directors; get advice on your MBA applications; get tips on the GMAT exam; there are panels and discussions; and basically, it's THE tool you need in order to be united with the perfect business school for you. this year, Montreal's QS World MBA Tour is going down this September 6, 2018 at the Hyatt Regency. 

And just to give you a taste of what you can achieve with an MBA in hand, here are the highest paying jobs in Canada for 2016/17 that you can get hired for right now in Montreal, according to the QS World MBA:

Media/Entertainment & Arts

Applying all the key things you've learned in your MBA towards a job in the media or entertainment and arts industry could net you more than $86,000 a year... which, I mean, sounds like a pretty top notch investment to me, TBH.


It's kind of common sense that going into law is hard work, with usually an awesome payoff. How great of a return will you see on your investment if you plunge into the world of a law career with an MBA in-hand? Well, you'd be looking at about $165,000 per year, and careers like legal project manager and firm administrator! I know, guys. I know.


True story: my life goal was once to become a teacher, before I came to terms with how crippling my impatience really is. Anyway, for those of you who would love to dive headfirst into the education, I've got some great news - an MBA in this industry would earn you a salary of roughly $78,000. 78K? I mean, that's a whole lot of Ks.

Financial Services/Banking

Banking and financial jobs are super stimulating and interesting, even if you go into this industry with just a bachelor's degree. But coming to it with an MBA behind can score you a bunch of positions, like a financial analyst, and will net you a salary of (wait for it) almost $100,000. Yeah. I needed to sit down for that one, too.

HR Services

Getting an MBA and going into the HR industry is basically like sprinkling some meatballs into your spaghetti. With an MBA in-hand in this industry, you'll be earning about $90,000 a year, and can get some pretty cool jobs, like an HR services manager or a talent and diversity manager.

Pharmaceuticals & Healthcare

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If you love to take care of people and enjoy making money while doing it (hey, who doesn't?) then applying an MBA towards a career in the pharmaceutical and healthcare industries will have you balling. You can expect to earn $99,200 a year.


An MBA degree can even help you climb those ladders in your retail career. With an MBA, you can get all kinds of jobs in the retail industry, including a product manager, business analyst, and corporate strategy manager, along with a salary of $89,000 annually.

Sounds interesting? You know it does! Start your brand new career journey with the help of the QS World MBA Tour. They'll help connect you with the perfect school to earn your MBA this September 6, 2018, at Montreal's Hyatt Regency.

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Oh... and one more huge thing: you'll even get the chance to apply to a pool of scholarships worth $7 million, with $1.3 million exclusive to the QS. Yup, guys, you read that right.

For more information on the event, and to register for it, check out the QS World MBA Tour's website, Facebook, and Twitter pages!