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Montreal Is Hosting A Huge "Video Game And Arcade" Festival

Ok, so I'm not going to write this story pretending that I am into gaming.  There was a time, however, in the 90s where I owned a clunky grey game boy, and a Nintendo 64 also came along sometime in the early 2000s.  

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That said, those of you who have found yourself on this article probably already know that Montreal is a hub for game creation. We are home to one of many Ubisoft offices around the world, and of course, tons of smaller independent gaming companies as well.

If you love gaming or you are a game developer, and you are looking for a way to get exposure, look no further than MEGA a huge "gaming arcade" and expo that is happening in the Old Port of Montreal this fall.

Via MEGAexpomtl

If you're a game creator looking to get exposure, you can sign up for a booth now! There are different sized booths available at varying prices. Otherwise, if you're just looking to attend and participate, the event is entirely open to the public. I would advise purchasing tickets in advance, and prices vary depending on which day you plan on attending.

Everything you need to know:

What: MEGA Montreal expo gaming arcade
When: November 9th-11th
Where: Marche Bonsecours // Old Port

Via MEGAexpomtl

For more info check out the MEGA Facebook event page HERE!

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