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Montreal Is Hosting A Huge Video Game Concert

The Legend of Zelda, Megaman, Final Fantasy and many more.
Montreal Is Hosting A Huge Video Game Concert

Every gamer knows that the music is a huge part of any game. It sets the tone for the level, it creates the necessary atmosphere and it even helps you focus on the task at hand. Many classic video games have had epic scores and everyone remembers those moments when you reached the end of the level. Suddenly the music got darker and faster and you knew something good was about to happen ... you finally reached the boss level.

The boss level always had the best and most memorable music of the entire game, that's why the Orchestre De Jeu Video felt it deserve its very own concert.

On October 31st, the OJV will be hosting the Final Boss Concert at Salle Marguerite Bourgeois.

The concert will feature music from Megaman, The legend of Zelda, Final Fantasy and many more.

Tickets are $25 for adults and $15 for students. As a bonus, if you buy your tickets during the pre-sale, you'll receive a free CD of the OJV's PlayStation vs XBOX Concert.

Click here to purchase your tickets.

Check out the OJV's Facebook event page for more information.

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