Montreal Is Hosting A Huge Video Game Tournament

Smash Bros, Street Fighter, Pokemon and More!
Montreal Is Hosting A Huge Video Game Tournament

Every kid knows that there's nothing sweeter than the feeling of kicking your friend's ass at video games. The only thing better would be to get paid while doing so. Well my friends, stop dreaming and start registering for the biggest fighting game event of the summer.

eSports MTL proudly presents the Back To School Battle Royal taking place on September 12th @ 2313 Ste-Catherine West. 

This tournament will feature Super Smash Bros 4, Super Smash Bros Melee, Street Fighter 4 and of course, Pokemon. Each game will have it's own tournament with its own prizes and the event is BYOC (Bring Your Own Controller). Here's the breakdown:

  • Super Smash Bros 4: $20 Entry Fee and $600 worth of prizes
  • Super Smash Bros Melee: $20 Entry Fee and $400 worth of prizes
  • Street Fighter 4: $20 Entry Fee and $400 worth of prizes
  • Pokemon: $10 Entry Fee and $100 worth of prizes

Guest can also attend the event for 5$. There will be gaming stations set up as well a bunch of mini tournaments with more prizes to be won.

Tickets are on sale now until September 7th and you can get yours right here.  

For more information check out eSports MTL's Facebook page.

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