Montreal Is Hosting A "Mac & Cheese Week" Food Festival

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Montreal Is Hosting A "Mac & Cheese Week" Food Festival

Friends, who here feels like an awesome plate of macaroni and cheese? All of us? Yeah, all of us, definitely. Mac and cheese is one of those food that's always appropriate, always delicious, and always exactly what you need to be eating.

And if you're a fan of this dish - and/or a fan of Montreal food festivals - then I've got some great news for you. There is going to be a whole entire week dedicated to the world's best comfort food. Right here in Montreal. Yes, that's right, friends: A Mac & Cheese week.

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Created by the team behind Le Cheese, this is Montreal's second annual Mac & Cheese Week. Pretty much, it's a celebration of everything that's good in the world (AKA a hot, delicious plate of macaroni and cheese), and features some super awesome restaurants coming together for the betterment of mankind. (AKA, to serve up some hot, delicious plates of macaroni and cheese, for prices ranging between $12-$20).

The event is going to take place from March 7 - 13, 2016, but don't feel too bad if you won't be in Montreal for that week. Mac & Cheese Week 2016 is taking place simultaneously in Toronto and Quebec City, too, proving once again that mac n' cheese is basically the dish that unifies us all.

Curious as to which restaurants are participating in Montreal's Mac & Cheese Week this year? Well, don't be, friends, because I've got all your answers right here. The list of restaurants participating in Montreal's 2016 Mac & Cheese Week includes:

Burger Royal


Les Enfants Terribles - Laval, Mile End, Nuns Island

Weinstein & Gavino's

Deville Dinerbar


Le Robin Square

Olive & Gourmando

Le Boucan


Taverne Gaspar

Suite 701

Greasy Spoon

Blackstrap BBQ

Fortune Tacos



Le Cheese

La Lousianne


Monkland Tavern

Le Randolph

Lord William

If this sounds like the type of thing you can get behind (and let's be honest, it does), you can check out their Facebook event, website, or Instagram for more information.

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