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Montreal Is Hosting A Massive Bacon Festival

All of the NOMS.
Montreal Is Hosting A Massive Bacon Festival

STOP WHAT YOU'RE DOING! Bacon week is BACK, and it's going to be even more delicious than last time (if that's possible). The 3rd annual Bacon Week festival will run from September 1st to 9th, at the one and only Quartier DIX30. That's right, once again, an entire week is dedicated to the crispy, tasty, delicious, heavenly-goodness that is bacon. I don't think anything has ever sounded more perfect. 

Coinciding with International Bacon Day, there is no better way to pay your respects to everyone's favorite salty treat. This year, 15 foodie destinations had fun with bacon and created exclusive dishes that will leave you wanting more. And more, and more.

Alright, try not to drool too much when you read this years lineup - we know, it's hard:

ALLÔ MON COCO: Deluxe Grilled Cheese

Wake up on the right side of the bed with a classic grilled cheese TURNT up. Inside this breakfast of champions: warm apples, bacon, brie cheese and arugula, topped with a balsamic vinegar reduction. And to make us even weaker at the knees: a fruit bowl and a breakfast poutine filled with bacon and hollandaise sauce as the perfect companions to this mouth-watering meal.

BALTHAZAR: Bacon Tarte Tatin

Think apple tart but hold the apple and swap in bacon... lots and lots of bacon. Do I have your attention? I thought so. Balthazar's new take on the classic consists of pork cheeks, smoked pork belly, green apples, caramel and Red Sashes-flavoured chocolate. And if that wasn't decadent enough for you: a scoop of bacon ice cream and walnuts to top it off. UGH SWOON.

FIVE GUYS: Bacon Milkshake

Is this a JOKE?? Everyone's favorite burger spot is combining everything that is good in this world. Bacon and ice-cream, need I say more? This sweet-and-salty beverage is the stuff of dreams. Featuring maple wood-smoked bacon and topped with a delectable dollop of whipped cream and some more bacon bits, it doesn't get better than this.

JACK SALOON: Bacon Oysters

This one is truly thinking outside the box: Jack Saloon, known for its skull-adorned walls and Wild West theme, combines the best of sea and land with grilled oysters done in their kamado, filled with a bacon-infused butter and topped with smoked gouda and parmesan, parsley bacon bits and a slightly spicy candied bacon. And if that doesn't satisfy your bacon craving: bacon chips on the side. Who knew bacon could be so classy?


Last years fan favorite is BACK. Why mess with a good thing? Back by popular demand, Juliette et Chocolat will be celebrating this year's festival with a delicious bacon brownie. This heavenly mix of 55% dark chocolate and caramelized bacon is guaranteed to deliver 100% bliss. Spoil a date or indulge your sweet tooth with a friend on Juliette et Chocolat’s charming terrace or inside the equally delightful restaurant. You'll get all the brownie points for this one!

LES 3 BRASSEURS: Hawaiian Burger

No need to buy a plane ticket to experience a tropical vacay; just take a bite of Les 3 Brasseurs' special bacon-heavy Hawaiian Burger, close your eyes and fall into tropical bliss. Hawaiian flavors are being celebrated in this colorful dish, with caramelized pineapple sitting on top of a juicy beef patty with Swiss cheese, Sriracha sauce and (of course) maple syrup candied bacon. The perfect combination of something tropical and bacon with a Canadian twist. Cheapest and most delicious vacation you'll ever take!

LES GLACEURS: Bacon Leche Cupcake

Les Glaceurs' latest heavenly creation is even more delicious than it looks (if that's possible). For this year’s Bacon Week, treat yourself with a sweet and salty delicacy that is both scrumptious and super pretty. Creamy and dreamy dulce de leche sits inside this chocolate cupcake, which fits perfectly with its cream cheese and dulce de leche frosting. And to top things off crispy candied bacon bites. This is the type of thing you don't want to eat in front of anyone you want to impress because you can't have just one and things get messy QUICK.


Slow-cooked bacon, crispy shallots, and POUTINE. Sound like something you'd be into?? I thought so. At Mile Public House, the star ingredient is slowly cooked, so that those crispy and yummy parts are the only thing left. In this festive poutine, rendered bacon cubes are mixed with fries topped with a maple and shallots red wine sauce, bacon jam, fried shallots and spicy jalapenos. This is everything a bacon-poutine should be and more, the hardest part will be trying to stop yourself from ordering a second one.

Mr. PUFFS: Bacon Puffs - FOUR WAYS

Why create only one bacon-filled recipe when you can make four? Mr. PUFFS has really figured things out.

Mr. Puffs plays with it in four versions: two salty, two sweet. For those who can’t resist a good salty meal: the Bacon “Pufftine” (!!!), is a remastered version of the classic poutine but puff style, or the bacon cheese dip Puffs, which reminds us of late-night nachos.

For those with a sweet tooth, make way for the Maple Bacon Puffs and the Choco Bacon Puffs. DE-CA-DENT. DE-LI-SCIOUS. D-AN-GEROUS!!

NIJI SUSHI BAR: Bac-callops

This dish pushed what you thought was possible for a bacon dish but in a SCRUMPTIOUS way. While scallops are at the center of attention, a crispy and salty bacon crumble adds the perfect complement to their tenderness. This is where things get a little weird but stick with us it's worth it. Bacon ice cream sits right next to this delightful dish and provides the perfect sweet ying to the bac-collops yang. This dish is BOMB - I'm never going back to plain old scallops again.

OASIS SURF: Beef and Bacon Tacos

Oasis Surf’s Le Turf Restaurant takes the classic taco to the next level. A perfect combo of beef strips, pineapple and bacon ketchup, guacamole, jerk and rhum bacon, and the Quebec-made Smokeshow spicy sauce. The bacon taste here is a little more subtle but brings the flavors together in a melt-in-your-mouth amazing way.

PORTOVINO: Nagano Pork Chops

This meal is truly fit for a King. Portovino classes up the Bacon festival with this savoury and juicy Nagano pork dish topped with scrumptious maple syrup caramelized bacon. And to complete this flavourful feast: maple syrup Porto Demi-Glace, garlic mashed potatoes and garden vegetables. You bring the wine, Portovino brings everything else!

SCORES: Chicken and Bacon Nachos

Relive those blissful summer patio days with this classic. Crispy nachos are topped with pulled chicken covered with the restaurant’s famous rib sauce, melted cheddar cheese, a delicious Pico de Gallo, and bacon. A lot of bacon. Like an OBSCENE amount of bacon. And for once the guac isn’t extra!

SIAM: Slow Roasted Pork Belly

Bacon, the Thai way! Siam makes us travel straight to South-East Asia with its crispy-yet-tender slow roasted pork belly with green curry, served with papaya salad, Hoisin sauce, and Jasmine rice. What could be better? How about enjoying it with a beautiful view from Siam's second-floor terrace. See you there!

ZIBO!: Duck Confit and Bacon Poutine

A true Montrealer's dish; this duck confit and bacon poutine doesn't spare any decadence. With the help of duck confit, a veal stock, cream and bacon sauce, caramelized onions and, of course, a great load of bacon strips, this poutine is a game changer.

For a full list of restaurants and to fulfill all your BACON desires, make sure to check out DIX30's website and Facebook Page!

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