Montreal Is Hosting A Massive "Chocolate Festival" This Winter

The tastiest way to spend your day.

Okay, quick question: what food do you always turn to whenever you're feeling down? Or happy? Or in the mood for something sweet (but not to sweet), something creamy, and something awesome?

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The answer to that, friends is chocolate. Chocolate is bae, and if there were any food on this earth worth celebrating... well, it would be none other than this cacao treat.

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Thankfully, in Montreal, we know how to celebrate food right - which only makes it natural that we'd have a legit choco-fest.

Je T'Aime En Chocolat is Montreal's annual event celebrating all things chocolate. For the past couple of years, it's been a free event taking place in February and at Montreal's Marche Bonsecours.

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Although the details have yet to be released about this winter's Je T'Aime En Chocolat chocolate festival, we can tell you that it's definitely going down for the 2017 season.

Their last event featured tons of vendors, chocolate fashion shows (!), walking tours, classes, and much more, so you just know that you're in for one seriously delicious, fun time this upcoming winter.

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Does this sound like the most delightful way to spend your day? Then check out their website and Facebook for updates.

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