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Montreal Is Hosting A Massive City-Wide Outdoor Pillow Fight

Let the feathers fly.
Montreal Is Hosting A Massive City-Wide Outdoor Pillow Fight

Not a single person alive has a negative conception of a pillow fight. Some remember pillow fights as the only time you could unleash any pent up rage against your friends without actually harming anyone, others remember them as the precursor to the juicer moments of many a "sexy sleepover" themed porn, and a select few simply enjoy the odd thrill of cushioned battle.

But no matter what, any and all love pillow fights because they're fricken' fun. The sad part is, as sort-of adults, we don't have the chance to partake in pillow fights all that often, since childhood sleepovers are a thing of the past.

Praise be to Montreal once again, because the coolest city in the world is hosting an event catering to everyone who is hankering for a feather-filled battle royale: a city-wide outdoor pillow fight.

Yes, you heard right, on April 1st, 2016, at 8pm, Place des Arts will be the site of a massive kerfuffle of pillow pandemonium.

The rules are quite simple, bring your own pillow, don't touch anyone's hair or face, and you're set to lay the pillow-y smack down on friends and strangers alike.

Actually, the regulations are a bit more involved. Organizers of the Montreal Pillow Fight have specified that you can't enact any head shots, can only use soft pillows (so no water, gel, or other odd pillow creations), and anyone who decides "to be a smart ass and hurt anyone" will be forced to leave.

Attendees should also note that the setting for the pillow fight will be the park on Saint Urbain and de Montigny known as "Parterre du Quartier des spectacles" (map).

Those familiar with the park will know that the Montreal Police's headquarters are just across the street, but don't fear. Since the park itself is public, as long as everyone stays on the ground, they should be fine. Organizers have also promised to be in touch with the SPVM, and will alert them of the mass congregation smacking each other with pillows.

To find out more about the city's massive pillow fight, head to the Facebook event page here.

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