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Montreal Is Hosting A Massive "Indian Food" Festival

Unlimited samosas ahead.
Montreal Is Hosting A Massive "Indian Food" Festival

Honestly speaking, one of my all-time favourite things about Montreal is how culturally diverse we are, and how willing we are to celebrate that diversity.

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We've got tons of great cultural festivals, for example, and now we're gearing up to host one more: the Festival of India - Montreal.

via @festivaldelindeqc

Celebrating Montreal's Indian community, the festival will feature a parade, yoga workshops, boutiques, and a whole lot more!

Oh, and a free vegetarian Indian food feast, according to their Facebook event page.

via @festivaldelindeqc

This event has gone down in spots like Ottawa, Toronto and New York before; the Montreal one is happening July 8 - 9 at Jeanne-Mance Park.

For more information on this festival, check out the official Facebook event right here!

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