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Montreal Is Hosting A Massive "Riverdale" Themed Party

Well, friends, I thought the Riverdale hype would eventually die down... but boy, was I wrong.

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I mean, happily wrong, since Riverdale is one of my favourite shows of all time. (Sidenote: Cheryl Blossom is my spirit animal and I don't care what anybody thinks of that).

And in celebration of this awesome show, Montreal is doing what it does best: throwing a party.

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The Dance Party Archie is going down on August 3, at Snowbird Tiki Bar (6714 St Laurent Blvd).

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In celebration of Archie and the gang, Snowbird is throwing a massive party featuring rockabilly music, hamburgers, and - wait for it - alcoholic milkshakes.

I know, guys. I know.

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For more information on the event, check out the Facebook page right here!

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