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Montreal Is Hosting A Massive "Sex Festival" This Summer

Unlike anything else in the world.
Montreal Is Hosting A Massive "Sex Festival" This Summer

Montreal is a pretty unique city with some rather unusual festivals. 

And by far one of the most fascinatingly interesting one has to be The Montreal Fetish Weekend. 

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It's unlike anything else in the world. 

This event may be called a "weekend" but it's actually 6 days and night of non-stop fetish fun.

You'll find everything from fantasy-themed events, to fashion exhibitions, expos, demos, workshops, something called the "Latextacy Bal", and even dinning.

via @fetishweekend

It all takes place in heart of Montreal’s gay village starting August 30 - September 4

For more information or to purchase you tickets check out Montreal Fetish Weekend's website

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