Montreal is Hosting a Massive "Sugar Shack" Festival

Because it's sugar shacking season!
Montreal is Hosting a Massive "Sugar Shack" Festival
Patricia Brochu

Tis the sugar shack season! And we've got a special event in store for you. For the next month, Chef Laurent Godbout from Chez L'Épicier will be providing first hand culinary experience at the event: Un Chef a L'Érable at the Scena on Quai Jacques-Cartier.

What can you expect? A six (yes, SIX) course feast inspired by Quebec maple syrup madness.

You don't need to know anything else, instead let me feast your eyes...

When you walk in, you will get greeted by a lovely host who will coat check your jacket. Straight to your right, is a bar set up from Domaine Pinnacle that concoct these simply indescribable drinks non stop. Grab a cocktail before heading to your table.

Part of the second course, this "egg mimosa" on a boiled egg, with maple wood smoked salmon and salmon caviar marinated in champagne... It tastes like a little piece of heaven in your mouth.

photo cred - Scena

Part of the finale, this "creclair" donut has praline and maple cream on a fluffy pastry.

For the finale, enjoy maple snow taffy in the CRAZIEST set up. I'm not even going to spoil the surprise for you, you need to go to find out how this happens.

Ongoing from March 11- April 17: Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

Price: $63 + tx for adults

$20 for children

Visit their Facebook page for details.

To purchase tickets, visit their website.