Montreal Is Hosting A Mortal Kombat Tournament This Summer

Not all video-game competitions are created equal. The sweet, sweet feeling of defeating your enemy might be similar, but it's far more satisfying to decapitate your opponent than to simply beat them at a race. Well I have good news my friends, you will soon have your opportunity to mutilate your peers and embarrass them in public during Montreal's first ever Mortal Kombat Tournament.

On Thursday June 18th, Nacho Libre is giving you the opportunity to annihilate your opponents during their "GROS CR*SS DE TOURNOI MORTAL KOMBAT II DU NACHO". Entrance fee is $5 and spaces are limited. If you're too late for this, you can always sign up for the Mario Kart Tournament.

To sign-up send your full name and phone number to

Prizes include:

  • A brand new vintage Super Nintendo console (still in the box).
  • A case of Redbull
  • A bottle of Sauza tequila

There will also be a free tequila tasting as well as a pinata!

Check out the Facebook event page for more information

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