Montreal Is Hosting A Naked Bike Ride This Summer

Join this peaceful protest!
Montreal Is Hosting A Naked Bike Ride This Summer

Our collective dependence on cars as our main mode of transport is having a major impact and irreversible on the environment. In more ways than one.

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If that alone wasn't enough reason to ditch your car, just have a look at any major artery or high way during rush hour, it's absolute hell on earth. 

There are many other "clean" alternatives to driving cars to get around, and that's exactly what Le Cyclo Nu International AKA World Naked Bike Ride is all about. It's a protest against our dependence on oil.

What's awesome about this event is that it's actually global. They even have a wikipedia page!

People in major cities across the world will be participating with their bicycles, electric cars, skateboards, and electric bikes.

This is a great way to join in on a growing movement and to show support for growing environmental concerns.

And just for your info: you don't HAVE to be naked. Many people who choose to support this cause but don't feel comfortable going in their birthday suit show up fully clothed or in a bathing suit.

If you would like to participate in the festivities or just watch all you have to do is head downtown Montreal on July 21st. 

Here are all the details!

What: World Naked Bike Ride Day
Where: Dorchester Square 
When: July 21st from 1 - 3pm

For all the details don't forget to check out the Facebook event page HERE.

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