Montreal Is Hosting A Naked Bike Ride This Summer

"Less gas more ass"
Montreal Is Hosting A Naked Bike Ride This Summer

Protests are oftencontroversial. Protesters will don constumes, sing songs, and block highways to have their points come accross.

This protest raises some eyebrows, too, but for a very different reasons: the protesters are either partly or totally naked. 

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TL;DR Montreal's Naked Bike Ride is back on August 10, at 1p.m. Ditch your clothes, grab your helmet and go protest our world's dependence on fossil fuels.

Naked Bike Ride is a worldwide protest that calls for a reduction in the consumption of oil. The event organisers claims that, this year, the event will be "bigger than ever. Bare as you dare. You can wear your clothes if you want. Mark your calendars. Body painting at 10 a.m. We ride at 1:00 sharp. The world is watching Montreal."

The event is a great way to spotlight a problem that has taken a huge toll on our planet: our dependence on fossil fuels. As the world struggles with rising temperatures and an ever-growing population, we need to pay more attention to our consumption of polluting materials.

Using alternative modes of transport, like bikes, when we can, are a great way to reduce our consumption of fuel. Not to mention that it's an easy way to avoid that rush hour traffic.

Naked bike rides will be happening all around the globe. Last year, the event was super popular in Montreal. Though some rode totally naked, others kept their clothes on: it's really at your discretion.

Via World Naked Bike Ride

The event this year will be happening on August 10. Cyclists are meeting at Dorchester Square. There are two times at which you can ride: one in the afternoon, at 1 p.m, and the other at 8 in the evening. 

Will you be riding this year?

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