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Montreal Is Hosting A Naked Fashion Show

Show off your birthday suit.
Montreal Is Hosting A Naked Fashion Show

Rule #1 for getting media attention: get naked.

It just works. You don't even have to be advertise about what cause you're supporting, people will stop to ask you. Well now the SHNQ (Sexual Health Network Of Quebec) is doing just that by holding the 2nd edition of the STRIPPED fashion show. And the only suits making their way down the runway will be birthday suits.

STRIPPED aims to promote a healthy body image by displaying real bodies of all shapes, sizes and nationalities. They want to show off true beauty, not the photoshopped images we are used to seeing. The fashion show will also be raising money and awareness for sexual education.

The show takes place on October 1st at Theatre St-James.

Check out footage from last year's event:


Visit SHNQtheir website for more info or to purchase your tickets.

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