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Montreal Is Hosting A “Nintendo” Orchestra Concert In 2017

The music you enjoyed while playing, but in real life!
Montreal Is Hosting A “Nintendo” Orchestra Concert In 2017

The original Nintendo may be 33 years old, but it remains just as relevant as ever.

Just last week a mini version of the NES went on sale and it sold out almost immediately.

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Sure, the games were pixelated and blocky, but somehow they were more entertaining and addictive that any other game on the market today.

We may not remember all the storylines, or the characters' names, but one thing we will never forget is the iconic melodies that we listened to for hours on end.

So if you're in the mood to relive all those magical moments, you won't wan to to miss the Orchestre à Vents de Musiques de Film's next concert.

The entire evening will be dedicated to the music of Nintendo, specifically the ZELDA games.

The ZELDA Twilight Princess concert takes place on Saturday January 21 at the Salle Marguerite Bourgeoys.

You can buy you tickets right here, but hurry, the first 2 concert are already sold out.

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