Montreal Is Hosting A "No Pants Metro Ride" On The Orange Line

Like your regular metro ride, just without pants.
Montreal Is Hosting A "No Pants Metro Ride" On The Orange Line

At the beginning of every year, urbanites across North America take off their pants and ride the metro. Why? Mostly because they can, and not wearing pants is always great, but the true reason is the annual "No Pants Subway Ride" event.

Beginning in New York as an improv comedy stunt, "The No Pants Subway Ride" has grown into a cherished (#NoPantsFTW) annual public occurrence in many cities, Montreal included.

For the past three years, Montreal has hosted its own No Pants Subway Ride, with citizens gathering in Mont-Royal station, placing their pants in a bag, and riding throughout the STM metro network to put smiles on people's faces.

But this year, an official Montreal event was curiously absent from the realms of Facebook. We were pretty bummed to see that no one took the initiative to organize the 2016 No Pants Subway Ride in Montreal, so we took matters into our own hands, and created the event ourselves.

By not-quite official decree, Sunday, January 10th will be the 2016 edition of the No Pants Montreal Metro Ride, the same day all other participating cities will be riding the subway without any pants.

Once again, everyone in on the pants-less metro ride will meet at Mont-Royal station, take off their pants (remember to bring a bag to put your pants in) and get bare-legged riding.

For more info on the No Pants Montreal Metro Ride, head to the Facebook page here, and the official event right here.

And check out the video from last year's ride to see what zaniness will ensue in 2016.

Get ready to take off your pants people.

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